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Noise Raid is music filled with emotions, an edge, a lot of effects and definitely not in need of lyrics or a singer. The four Munich based musicians create their individual and iconic sound by combining instrumental metal, punkrock, black metal and many other music styles. Their songs most often start by creating atmospheric dimensions through melody that continue to evolve into massive mountains of distortion. They continuously surpass the listeners expectation and surprise with their unusual rhythms, song structures and acoustic colours. The songs take the audience on an experimental journey through their own imagination, their own feelings without forcing any verbally formed interpretation on them.

This phenomenon is best experienced at one of their supercharged live shows. Since their foundation in August 2017, they've managed to carry away and enthrall their audience skilfully, thanks to their long experience with live shows with other established bands of the scene such as like Syberia, Ranges, Noorvik and Shy, Low.

With the release of the Terebellum EP in October 2018 and the Space Weather EP in January 2021 there was a first taste of what was to come in September 2022 on their 63 minute long debut album Cosmic Radiation. After this release the band went on a small tour around southern Germany and also started writing material for their follow up album Eclipse.


Lilith Glossner: GUITAR

Andreas Kirchermeier: GUITAR

Lars Nockenberg: BASS

Etienne Llau: DRUMS

Press Reviews

"Through the combination of Instrumental Rock infused with Punk, Indy & Black Metal, Noise Raid create an unmistakable catching world of sound. […] Expectations are deliberately broken through the use of unusual rhythms, song structures and timbres."

Thesoundsofpostrock – 30.09.2022

"On the twelve tracks the band presents a strong and dynamic concept with a pure and evocative atmosphere as well as a rich harmonic background."

Grind on the road – 10.10.2022

"One essential part of the music (on Cosmic Radiation) that makes it such a stimulating experience is that these musicians know that silence is an important thing in all heavy, doom-laden music. Silence as a metaphor that is; they sprinkle the fast and heavy music with breaks and breathers to loosen the tension, give relief for the listener before they give each track a new turn upon which to build the melodic themes."

Veil of sound – 16.09.2022

"Noise Raid are more in the field of instrumental progressive rock with corresponding rhythm and tempo changes, but they don't present themselves in an overly intellectual way or with too much technical frills." – 18.09.2022


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